It’s official, I’m bulletproof

It is with mixed feelings that I wrap up my bulletproof experiment.

On one hand, I lost weight, felt (and ran) strong, and rather enjoyed the coffee concoction as a meal supplement. Being a black (no sugar or cream) coffee drinker, the butter coffee was a sweet treat.

On the other hand, I experienced a little discomfort along the way, which mainly consisted of morning or late night hunger pangs, occasional heartburn, and forcing my meals into an eight hour window.

This last one was particularly tough socially. On weekends especially, my family and friends would get together for big breakfasts around 8am, before weekend activities commenced. If I partook, it meant I needed to wrap up dinner by 4pm. Who eats dinner before 4pm?

No one. Dinner, my last meal was made and served closer to 7pm. So it was awkward and anti-social to miss one of those meals. Loved ones thought I was starving myself, and sometimes it felt like it.

There were a few other side effects worth mentioning.

Slight heartburn or indigestion happened a couple of times, about two hours after the bulletproof coffee. It lasted about fifteen or twenty minutes and then went away.

Headache. Early on, in the first ten days, I had a couple of headaches that lingered all day. But once I got into a routine, these went away completely.

Dry mouth. Especially before my first meal, my mouth felt cottony. It’s not bulletproof sanctioned, but to avoid an awkward situation I’d pop in a piece of gum before walking into a meeting with questionable breath.

Mid-day sleepiness. Every fourth or fifth day, around 2pm, I felt tired and sluggish. This occurred much less after two weeks into the experiment.

Noisy tummy. After the coffee concoction, which was mostly decaf for me, my tummy would get loud. It didn’t hurt. It was just annoying and distracting, and if anyone was in earshot, embarrassing. This wasn’t limited to the coffee either. When I’d eat a meal, randomly, my tummy would get noisy. Really noisy. No bathroom issues post noisiness, it just loud.

Overall, intermittent fasting with the bulletproof concoction drove weight loss and performance strength. I ate far fewer calories on the fast. No big surprise here, but I wasn’t expecting to eat that many fewer calories without being hungry all the time. Sure, sometimes in the mornings or late at night I felt a little hunger, but after the coffee concoction, I felt good.

Lunch and dinner consisted of around 500-650 calories each. If I needed a sugar fix, I’d add a couple of dates to the end of dinner, but even with that, I didn’t come anywhere close to the 1800-1900 calories I usually ate. I felt the results mostly in my middle, which thinned a little.

As mentioned, the bulletproof coffee had probably improved my performance. While on it, I recorded the best 5K time in several years. It could have been the fitness training (and a myriad of other things), but I believe it was a combo of the oils, clean eating, and consistent training.

For anyone debating on trying it, I say do it and start slowly. Charlie Norton did a writeup on his bulletproof experience that still makes me chuckle. You want to ease into the butter and oil or you’ll feel it.

Start with whatever you’re comfortable with, but still within reasonable guidelines. A little white rice or granola might not hurt if you keep the overall calorie count down (although diehards would argue), but you can’t expect to see results if you’re downing a six-pack, bottle of wine, or pack of cookies during the week.

Until next time, stay healthy.