Exploring Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a beautiful cosmopolitan city with hundreds of towering stone, metal, and glass buildings sprawled across its expanse. The metro boasts several neighborhoods with thriving nightlife, shopping galore, delicious restaurants, and hopping bars complete with tango dancing and interesting mixology.

The city also has wonderful green spaces, like parks and plazas, a plethora of museums, and deep historical ties throughout. With all it has to offer, almost anyone can find something appealing in Buenos Aires.

Plaza de Mayo and Casa Rosada

Although I’ve only been here three days (and one of those was thoroughly enjoyed in Uruguay), I’ve had a chance to experience a few of the main tourist attractions, like Eva Perón’s grave inside the Cementerio de la Recoleta (see images below), the building and balcony of Casa Rosada (pictured above), on which Evita addressed an impassioned crowd overlooking the Plaza de Mayo, and consuming an authentic Argentinean steak.

Recoleta Cemetery (where Evita is buried)

Buenos Aires has been a wonderful place to walk around, explore, learn, ponder, and be inspired.

Liliana and Sabu (my favorite statue in Recoleta)

Communicating in Spanish has been both challenging and exciting. Me gusta hablar español, pero sé muy poco. Luckily, the hotel staff knows more English than I do Spanish. 😬

Three days of walking around cobblestone sidewalks and streets, up and down stairs, and in and out of buildings has taken a toll on my achilles. Today, I plan to rest it mostly and lightly explore a few more of the green spaces if/when the rain lets up this afternoon.

As far as the race, last night we learned the course is expected to be quite muddy and extra hilly. Due to one of the South American bases closing, our route will be different than years in the recent past, which means a lot more mud and hills.

I’m a little concerned my road shoes will not hold up. But I brought some duck tape because, as we all know, duck tape fixes everything. 😬😬

Tomorrow night, we leave for Ushuaia. The plane is expected to take off around 4:30am, but we need all gear and luggage ready to go by 2am. It seems like I might as well skip sleeping before we leave and try to catch some shuteye on the plane.

We depart for Antarctica on Thursday evening, which gives us about half a day to explore Ushuaia. Depending on weather, I hope to get up to the Martial Glacier for some hiking before we have to board the ship. Also, will pick up any last minute gear – like gators since the race is going to be so muddy – in Ushuaia.

That’s all for now. 🙏🏼