pic of sherry hiking in moab

My name is Sherry Keating. This blog was started to share my journey to becoming a marathoner. I ran to honor my beloved grandmother, Carole, who died of lung cancer. 

I completed the Chicago Marathon and many other races to raise money for several nonprofits dedicated to ending lung cancer.

Since the marathon, I’ve continued to race and write about running and eating. 

In 2019, while training for the Antarctica race, I injured my achilles days after completing the Bulletproof diet and about a month after wrapping up the Whole30 diet. 

Both diets consisted copious amounts of meat (including processed meats), fish, eggs, low or no carbs, and in the case of bulletproof, grass-fed butter in your coffee after fasting.

Months passed and I still couldn’t run pain-free. I finally connected my food with the injury (and lack of healing) and a lightbulb went on. All the meat, eggs, butter, and animal fat could have played a part in the achilles injury, and more of the same was impeding the healing. Out of utter desperation, I tried something completely insane. I went plant-based.

Six weeks after I began exclusively eating plants, my achilles healed. And I became a believer. Over time, I went from testing a plant-based diet for the healing and health to sticking with it for the healing, health, animals, and our beautiful planet. 

Running for Carole includes my adventures in running, racing, training, gear reviewing, plant-based eating, and more. 



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