Panhandle run

Image of Panhandle

Today I did my “long run,” which was a little over five miles through the panhandle. The path had a good balance of sun and shade, a few ups and downs but mostly flat. I’m a dreadfully slow runner and worry that I may not finish the marathon before it shuts down. That happened to a friend of mine and she didn’t medal. She’s still just as amazing for completing it, I only hope I can finish. Today I was passed by families on bicycles, hipsters on skateboards, and  all shapes and sizes of runners. I didn’t pass a soul, excluding the slumbering bums nestled in random areas throughout the park.
My sinuses are still ever-present, knocking around in my skull and painfully pressing on my teeth and cheekbones. I hope my speed improves with my health. Sunglasses, yes, I need those too. My eyes are still a bit watery and sting after running for an hour.
All in all, today was a good running day. No unexpected pain, just the usual. No equipment or apparel malfunctions and the weather cooperated with just a little wind here and there. I think the two days off also helped me recover strong. And thanks to, I just received my copy of Running with the Mind of Meditation by Sakyong Mipham. Feels like this is shaping up to be a great week.
Good luck to all of the Boston Marathoners tomorrow.

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