90 degrees

It was a semi-scorcher today, at least for northern California. My second training run, four miles, was in an unanticipated heatwave with no cloud cover. It reminded me of late July summer runs in and around Humboldt Park in Chicago, only less humid. The heat of the sun beating down on my red, sweaty face actually comforted me. Oddly enough, I enjoy running in reasonably hot weather. It’s like my muscles don’t need as much time to warm up, they’re just ready to go. But here, with the heat comes bugs. A lot more. Droves. And all different types dive-bombing my head, getting stuck in my hair, and whizzing past my ears. Why are they so big and profuse here? I had to cut my stretching short because I couldn’t keep them off me. Sick.

During the run, when I wasn’t thinking about how tired my legs and lungs were, I enjoyed watching the lizards darting across the trail, squirrels doing the same only at a much slower pace, (they’re fatties like me) and listening to birds chirping. I even came across a bunny who decided to hop along with me for a few steps then rested in the shade. Quitter. I felt new pains today in my knees but they weren’t severe. The worst pain was the throbbing in my hips, mostly my left side. I’m hoping that with some training and proper stretching, it’ll all take care of itself.

On my ride home, which is about an hour, I had a recovery meal. Thanks to the Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon training, I now know that about 30 minutes after a run, one should eat a recovery meal. I didn’t bother with the details, but figured it should be healthier than the Jujyfruits I had yesterday after running. The trail mix, which included almonds, seeds, dried cranberries, and banana chips, seemed to be a good option. I need to find some lightweight running sunglasses too. I woke up with my eyes stinging this morning and can feel the same stinging and watering return tonight. I’m guessing it’s a mild corneal sunburn. The joys of running.

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