Big book

big book of marathon

It arrived. The Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training by Jennifer Van Allen, Bart Yasso, and Amby Burfoot. Its 290 pages promise to guide me to marathon success. The back cover boasts an inclusion of all the “essentials” and “best advice” for helping me every step of the way in my training, eating, and avoiding injury. I wonder if it addresses avoiding hershey squirts and toenail loss. I want all bases covered.

The big book delivers on its title. Shaped like a phonics workbook and weighing twice as much, it instills confidence that upon completion, I will be ready. If only I could read my training runs too. The words like steps, punctuation speeds and slows, pages like miles all pass under my feet as the print crosses my eyes. How simply wonderful it would be to train. But if running was like reading, almost everyone would do it, and it would lose a part of its magic. And that would be tragic.

Instead I remember my purpose, my vision, and goal. Breathing deeply into these images and out a confident resolution. Regardless of my trepidation, I’d still rather venture down the road less-taken with the Big Book in hand, my grandmother in my heart, and start running.

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